Dear Friend,

It’s complicated out there... If you have to chart your own course.

Your lifestyle destination is different than your neighbor’s. Your course might be smooth sailing or it may be rough, rocky and dangerous. It’s getting harder every day to navigate your way through the turbulent financial waters.

Your situation is unique and you have unique problems because of them. But, regardless of where you live, what you do, how much money you have or what you plan on doing in the future, everyone transitions into retirement differently.

Have You Ever Wondered...

1.    How to pay the minimum tax?
2.    What to do to get rid of your remaining debt?
3.    How to align your lifestyle with your income?
4.    How to come up with extra cash for special needs?
5.    How you will pay for long-term care needs?

The truth is, you should be in control of your assets. When you’re the captain of your money, you decide where you’re going, how you’ll get there and how long it will take. You can be the Captain, and we may be able to help! .

Get better control of your assets. When you do, you:

1.    Cut your taxes.
2.    Eliminate your debts.
3.    Control your assets, your assets don't control you.
4.    Find money for those special extras.
5.    Know what your income may be.
6.    Choose the company pension option for you and your family
7.    Allocate your assets.
8.    Prepare for healthcare needs.
9.    Gain confidence in your plan.

Take Control Today
R&R Group Inc. (R & R Financial & Insurance Services) can help you through turbulent times.

Ever notice that regardless of how elaborate the cruise ship, they always get help docking the ship safely? They don’t risk the ship in unknown waters. You don’t have to risk your financial ship either. You can have help with the shallow spots, the bad currents and what to do when it gets dark and stormy.

I’m Rick Stanzione and we have the experience and the team so that regardless of where you are on your financial journey, we may be able to help you reach your financial goals and objectives.

We have used these simple steps to help many of our clients plan for their retirement. They may benfit you as well.

Share Your Important Financial Decisions with People Who Know –
R & R Group Inc
(R & R Financial & Insurance Services)

You know what it’s like to worry about money and money decisions. Regardless of whether your outlook is for calm or stormy seas, you can count on the team at R & R Group Inc. (R & R Financial & Insurance Services). Call on me anytime you need help with the tough financial decisions you have to make.

When you think of me like your “Co-Captain”, you may breathe easier.

R & R Group Inc. (R & R Financial & Insurance Services) has concentrated on the financial needs of retiring Americans for more than 34 years so you don’t have to feel financially frustrated anymore. We may be able to make your decisions simpler and easier. With us as your “financial co-captain” you’ll have the help you for your most complicated financial decisions.

Ask me about the “New Retirement Risk” (Long Term Care challenges) that no one is talking about but that can have the biggest impact on your retirement lifestyle... You may be surprised.

It’s not as hard to get started as you might think.
Your First Step...

Come on by but leave your check book at home. Call me for a complimentary, confidential review of your financial situation.

Or, join me for one of our popular informational presentations over dinner in your area. It’s a comfortable, informative and easy way to check me out along with a small room of other couples just like you. You’re welcome anytime.

Click here for my program schedule and to join us.

Your retirement planning is number one on my list of priorities because frankly, unless you succeed, we can’t succeed.
we will help you control your assets so you can better enjoy your retirement.

For more information about controlling your assets and charting your course. Call us today for a no cost, no obligation financial review at: 801.622.5774 or 1.866.606.2151. You can also email me at

We look forward to meeting you and helping you and building a relationship to last a lifetime.



Rick Stanzione
President and CEO
R & R Group Inc. (R & R Financial & Insurance Services)

PS: Remember, you can learn more about making your retirement strategies and options by coming
to a presentation at one of our seminars. Or if you'd like a no cost, no obligation, cursory review
to see if your current plan meets your goals and objectives.
It never hurts to get a second opinion.
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